Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers

A luxurious, quality made light fitting, beautifully crafted from traditional hand cut Czech crystal. This is a traditional Bohemian crystal product expertly hand-finished to a very high standard. Power rating of lamp: 6xE14-40W.Dimensions: 58x42 cm.Weight in kg: 4 kg.Velmi kvalitně provedené svítidlo. Luxusní provedení českého broušeného skla s tradičním ručním zpracováním .. Jedná se o tradiční Český křišťálový výrobek, provedený ve vysoké kvalitě ručního zpracování. Příkon svítidla : 6xE14-40W. Rozměr :58x42 cm. Váha v kg: 4 kg.

  • Price: $428

EAN: KM 835 000 006

Crystal chandeliers provide illumination and grandeur to luxurious interiors. Glass crystal chandeliers consist of a neck and branches. The cables are hidden inside the light construction. In most cases the chandelier is suspended from the ceiling by a hook, which prevents it from falling in the event of tilting or swaying. Nowadays crystal chandeliers are the most famous and luxurious light fittings in the world. They form an important decorative element of the interior decor so it is very important to choose the correct size and shape to suit. To complement the opulence of the large ceiling mounted chandeliers we have a range of wall mounted light fittings and crystal standard lamps. Once again this depends on the size and use of the room. The facets of the cut-glass crystals reflect and refract the light giving the chandelier a glorious luminescence and creating an enchanting ambiance to the whole room. Since time immemorial, clear translucent crystals have been considered a symbol of balance and purity and used as a talisman or for other crystal objects, highly prized for their extraordinary properties and beauty which are evident both on the surface and within.

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