How to Buy



How to Buy

Our site is equipped with an electronic ordering system that makes the ordering of our products so easy to do. If you are making your first order of our lighting implements we are recommending to read a brief guide for the compilation and sending your orders .

Composing and sending orders

Follow these steps in order to compile a send your order

1. Go to the products item and choose one of the product's line of lights Glass Bohemia.

2. On the catalog page, select the light that you want to order and click on it.

3. Now you can see the detail of the product.

4. If you want to order the product, put it in the basket and at the top of the drop-down menu you can enter desired quantity of the select lights, after that you can continue shopping or complete your order .

5. The whole process can be repeated till you have inserted all the required lights into the to basket.

6. Fill in your address and select the payment method and the transport method, it is also possible to use a different address for delivery, in the comments section , you can just insert your request.

7. To complete your order, select the order button.

8. After completing your order you will receive an automatic confirmation email with a recap of your order .

9. Our ordering system will offer the price of your shipment before completing your order in most of the cases . In case you want to arrange alternative transport, our ordering system allows also this possibility to send you the price of the alternative transport . Within one working day after your order you get a complete offer including price of the transport.

It is also possible to order the lights without using our order systém, sending yout order to our e-mail -

In this case, please add EAN code , which is given for each of our product .