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Welcome to the GLASSBOHEMIA website. We deal in the sale of Bohemian cut-glass crystal, crystal chandeliers and other glassware. Czech crystal and glassware is world renown for its uniqueness and high quality as is the craftsmanship of Czech glass workers.

For hundreds of years Czech glass and Bohemian crystal chandeliers were a byword in elegance and beautiful workmanship and in the early 18th century were highly sought after by the European aristocracy to decorate their mansions and palaces.

It may surprise you that even today, at the start of the twenty-first century, Czech glassware and just such crystal chandeliers are still being made by small family companies using the same traditional technology and with an emphasis on quality and the uniqueness that comes from each piece being precisely hand crafted.

Maybe you have come to these web pages attracted by the beauty of Czech crystal and glassware and to find out more about it. If so, then welcome to our website! Should you decide to become our customer and order any of our products we would be most honoured.

Take a look through our online catalogue, choose the glass or crystal product you like best and then send us the order. Once we receive it we will send you our offer with the precise price and delivery terms.


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